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Website and Software Development

Our approach to website development is straightforward. We believe that our website designs must meet your business's and your customers' needs, and we design our websites to meet the following goals:

In summary, we provide web development services that are focused, tailored and cost-effective to suit your needs and budget, creating real value for your business.

Our friendly and professional team has extensive knowledge and experience covering the latest Internet, website and online marketing developments. Our website applications are either fully bespoke or are customised to fit your specific needs while remaining cost-effective for your company.

Application design and development

Dotfix is a full-service company specialising in professional website design and internet application development, using the latest proven technologies to ensure reliability and minimise site costs. In a world where people increasingly want choice and flexibility, there is growing demand for applications and business processes to be moved online. Internet based applications enable users to work quickly and efficiently, when using shared computers or working remotely, regardless of location or time zone. The speed, deployment, support and maintenance, resilience, centralization, and back-ups are the key features that to be highlighted.

Design and specification

Dotfix will work closely with you to identify and resolve all the requirements for your new website or online application.Once we have a detailed idea of your needs, we will produce a full design and specification for the final system, which will be discussed with you in detail before we start doing any work, so changes can be easily made at the design stage.For more complex website and online applications, we produce a graphical mock-up of the system so you can visualise how everything will be laid out in the final application. Although any changes can be incorporated at this stage, this mock-up site will form the basis of the final site.

Database Development

For clients with a database or application requirement that is not served by standard business software, Dotfix develops custom databases and internet-based applications for web enabled and standalone environments.We work with you to develop a custom database that is tailored to your needs and provides an extensible foundation for future development. By converting and importing your existing data from a wide variety of formats, we ensure your existing data works within the new application. Using new technology, we can also create or replicate any custom function or reports required from your old database system.

System development

Whatever your project, w Our easy-to-use back-end administration and content management systems enable effective and efficient management of all business data and content used or in your application. All Dotfix applications and related web interfaces are built to the internationally recognised W3C website quality and accessibility standards to ensure your application works correctly in all modern browsers. New projects are also based on leading database and development technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server and MS Access, coupled with Microsoft ASP.NET, php,web 2.0 technology.We can design a secure system for deployment as a public website, intranet or extranet application that integrates with your back-office systems.

We create engaging websites and applications that work hard for you.

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